Artists Statement

In the past my work has examined themes ranging from modern concepts of beauty to the internal dialogue we have within ourselves; those voices we choose to listen to and those we suppress. Presently, I feel that I am living in a time of particular social and political urgency and it is this that now informs my paintings.

The content of my work questions and reframes present events. I examine concepts of good and evil and the cloaks worn to obscure the facts. My most recent work is political. Much of the work also has a religious component. I am and always have been, interested in the answers and explanations given by various belief systems and how they are used or sometimes manipulated towards a specific end. My paintings often reference the problems that occur when applying philosophical answers universally.

Though my topics are current and situations sometimes interpersonal, I consciously choose to frame my subjects, visually and conceptually, in manner that renders them less event or time specific. I do this by using symbolic imagery and presenting modern objects in an obscure almost iconic format.

The text incorporated in the paintings is my own. I enjoy the graphic quality of lettering and the play between the representation of the three-dimensional and the flat painted character. Additionally they further illustrate the concept behind the piece and set a verbal tone. The pieces are not however, text dependent.

I work in a very meticulous manner and believe strongly in creating well-crafted objects.

I paint thickly, though realistically, with oil on wood. In the past my work has been three dimensional somewhat like an image in a pop up book. It has incorporated found objects and mechanical or electrical components. Most recently the work has been flat and painted on shaped wood panels. The largest of these are cradled to prevent future distortion.

The term “New American Surrealist” has been used to describe my work and as labels go I think it is somewhat accurate. Foremost, I have always seen my paintings as a way of communicating. The challenge is to do so in a way that is original and thought provoking irrespective of time and place.